Empowering you to fix security issues at a faster rate. Get to know these top Risk I/O features to help manage vulnerabilities before they can cause serious data loss.

24/7 Threat & Vulnerability Processing

Risk I/O’s threat processing & vulnerability management program continuously aggregates attack data, threat data, and exploit data feeds covering attacks in-the-wild, zero-day vulnerabilities, and active Internet breaches. A single day of Risk I/O threat processing is the equivalent of 475,000 security analysts matching known breaches and attacks against your vulnerabilities*.

*This is based on 1B+ threat processing matches to Internet breaches per day.


Attack Correlation

Risk I/O correlates the attack, threat and exploit data aggregated by our threat processing engine against your vulnerabilities twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Simply connect your vulnerability scanner to Risk I/O and our vulnerability management program will identify where, when and how your organization is most likely to be attacked.

Risk Meters

A risk meter is a real-time measure of the risk a group of assets pose to your organization, and can be created for those critical systems in your environment you’d like to monitor. The Risk Meter dashboard gives your team and management a quick, at-a-glance view of your vulnerability and exploit risk across your business, categorized by what’s meaningful to you.


Quick Lists

Risk I/O uses correlated data to provide a set of dynamically updated “quick lists” that allow you to access your security posture in one view. These lists provide top vulnerability and remediation information that can be used to discover the vulnerabilities putting you most at risk.

Top Priority Vulnerabilities listed in the most efficient way to reduce your risk

Active Internet Breaches Vulnerabilities with known breaches occurring right now

Easily Exploitable Vulnerabilities with known exploits

Popular Targets Vulnerabilities present in many environments, including yours

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Vulnerabilities for which there is not a vendor-supplied fix


Asset Tagging

Our asset tags and groups help make your data more relevant by allowing you to customize reporting, access, remediation and dashboards. Our unique tagging system offers greater flexibility by allowing you to organize your assets right within your instance of Risk I/O, enabling you to easily see the vulnerabilities for any part of your environment.

Prioritized Remediation

Fixes provides a prioritized list of available patches by impact that can be easily shared with your team in charge of remediation. And you can preview what your adjusted risk score will be once remediation is completed. Risk I/O also connects to external ticketing systems and runs verification scans confirming proper remediation steps have been taken.


Dashboard Reporting

Dashboard reporting enables you to instantly download critical information describing the real-time risk exposure of your organization to threats and exploits.

From compliance officers to auditors, share asset-based reports that communicate your wins and losses and identify areas of improvement with the various members of your organization.

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